Indian technical textiles market needs changes

24th August 2015

The Indian technical textiles sector that includes nonwovens needs focus and should diversify. Currently, the spunbond nonwoven sector is not performing well in India and is dominated by Chinese machines.

Spunbond nonwoven sector
Currently, the spunbond nonwoven sector is concentrated on packtech and is not performing well in India, Commodity Online reports. According to the company’s source, a few years back, the industrialized state of Gujarat had over 40 spunbond manufacturers.
The sector is dominated by Chinese machines and is focused on developing 60-80 GSM fabrics catering to the packaging sector. With fierce competition, the need for new products and new market, some spunbond manufacturers have shut down.
There is, therefore, an urgent need for product know-how and help with marketing support. The industry needs to convert the sector so it can develop products that meet the demands of consumers. Indian government should focus of custom duty issues to support manufacturing value-added goods domestically. Current duty structure is not favourable for the domestic converting of technical textile products.

Basic knowledge
Basic knowledge of nonwovens and a few technical textiles products is currently available in India, thanks to the US based INDA and Brussels based EDANA that have conducted many training programmes in India.

Thie article comes from Innovation In Textiles edit released