Medical Technical textiles

Combination of textile technology and medical sciences has resulted into a new field called medical technical textiles. New areas of application for medical technical textiles have been identified with the development of new fibers and manufacturing technologies for yarns and fabrics.

Development in the field of technical textiles, either natural or manmade technical textiles, normally aimed at how they enhance the comfort to the users. Development of medical technical textiles can be considered as one such development, which is really meant for converting the painful days of patients into the comfortable days.

Technical textiles are more and more developing into interdisciplinary high-tech products with interesting changes in the market. Medical Technical Textile Competence Centers are being established to make the most of knowledge, expertise and existing collaboration with medical researchers, microbiologists, physiologists and technical textile scientists. Each country has its own regulations and standards for medical technical textiles. As medical procedures continue to develop, the demand for technical textile materials is bound to grow.

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