Changes In the Print Media Industry

Technology continues to change our industry… and now it has changed forever! Microchips, the Internet, and new printing processes have accelerated changes to the print media industry and we have a decision to make.

The decision before us is “Am I going to ride out as long as I can the traditional print model” or “Am I going to look at the new opportunities in our industry and drive my business into the future?”

This is really a “how long do I want to be in the industry” question. For those of you interested in moving into new products and services generated by the microchip, the Internet and new printing processes , I suggest two areas for you to follow.

Digital Print Media Technologies. Our industry was born with Gutenberg, which evolved into letterpress, and later offset as the primary printing process. But now digital is going to become the dominant print process. We could debate this, but most certainly, more digital presses will be sold than offset in the future. Digital print allows a customer to print small quantities of highly targeted pieces on substrates we never dreamed we could print on in the past. Think about what that means to your customer: Short runs, highly targeted, many substrates.

Electronic Media. The Internet is powering new forms of digital communications that were not even thought about just a few years ago. From email marketing and PURLs to QR codes and PDF files, you have more tools at your disposal to bring new creative solutions to your customers. A recent study showed that print buyers are now buying 14 percent of their purchases on the Internet and print media service providers predict that will grow to 50 percent in the next few years. We can provide greater service than ever with these electronic media tools.

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