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Soyang new launched products break the sales record


Thanks to innovative technology and consistant quality, Soyang top popular products gained excellent response from the market. Since Jan. to Jun. this year, Soyang Mesh-11B, Star-light backlit ST-601, Prime Display fabric ST-117 and Night-Star fabric ST-216 approached double sales volume comparing to last year.

Mesh-11B is the double side printable blockout mesh, which could be widely used as display, indoor deco, theatre, etc. Due to the good printing quality, anti-curling and blockout features, it was widely accepted by customers from Canada, Japan, USA and Europe. Soyang’s Starlight backlit ST-601 is always outstanding from other backlit fabrics for UV printing. The bright white color, excellent UV printing quality and cost-effective price made it as popular as some famous fabrics from Europe.  

Moreover, with good wrinkle-resistance and soft hand-feel, our prime display fabric ST-117 attracted more and more customers and was widely used in various applications like pop-up, frame display, hanging and so on. And the Night-star fabric was the best item for POP-up and backdrops application because of its black-coating on back side, which help with light blockout and also wrinkle-resistant.