How Does Solar Screen Do All That

Solar Screen Material cools and protects by reducing heat and UV rays in 3 ways.
They Block the sun’s hear and UV rays, Absorb the heat and Dissipates it with the airflow through the screen.

The Solar Screen Chart illustrates how the heat entering the home is reduced by a very substantial amount.

Is it Just for Windows? There are several applications other than just windows that solar screen is used to solve heat problems. Many homeowners are using solar screen for these applications:

Screened in Porches
Patio Shading
Gazebos Shading
What Type of Solar Screen is Available?
The Solar Screen (either 80% or 90%) Solar Screen fabric . It is an extremely durable PVC coated polyester fabric. So tough it can be nailed, stapled, sew it together and install grommets. Solar Screen is also Pet Resistant.

Solar Screen is designed to block up to 80% of the sun’s heat. 80% is a lot of heat blockage. It is works very well in cooling most areas as it cools as very well, lets in a lot of natural light and has the best outward visibility. The best outward visibility is with the darker color solar screen fabric: either black, brown or black/brown.

MemoTex Sun Screen