A Study of Technical Textiles

Textile that is primarily used for its performance or functional properties and not for its appearance or aesthetics is known as technical textile. The industrial fabrics that are used for various industrial applications are also classified as technical textiles. As such, technical textiles are the high performance fabrics that are basically used for non-consumer applications. Some textile academicians also include finished products such as ropes or tarpaulins, and parts of other products, such as tyre cord for tyres or coverstock for diapers, in the definition of technical textile.

Scope of Technical Textile

An exceptional feature of technical textiles is the use of innumerable varieties of raw materials, processes, products and applications for their production. Some of the materials used for making technical textile are listed below.

  • Metals, like steel.
  • Minerals, like asbestos and glass.
  • Synthetic polymers, like PES, PA, PAN, PP etc.
  • Regenerated fibers like rayon fiber and acetate fiber.
  • Natural fibers like cotton fiber, jute fiber, wool fiber etc.

Not only a great variety of raw materials but a multitude of processes are also employed for manufacturing technical textiles that include basic processes like weaving and knitting and much advanced processes like stitch bonding, chemical, thermal bonding to needle punching and many more. All these processes result into various products like fibers, yarns, and threads that are further used for making the finished technical textile. Not only this, many processes also lead to the manufacture of end products like ropes, cords, bags, belts etc. The figure above goes to explain the complexity of the technical textile process chain.


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Soyang Company Profile

Soyang is a leading specialty manufacturer of technical textiles for printing and industrial applications, headquartered in Hangzhou, southeast of China. For over 10 years, Soyang has been an innovative worldwide provider of flexible substrates solutions for a wide range of customers and markets.

Specializing in sign and industrial applications, Soyang developed a full range of products to meet your specific needs. Our own brands of Sotex® , SoFlex®, SoFlat® and Memo Tex® will guide you to find the best ideal supports.The 66,000sqm (710,688sq.ft) facility is home to Knitting&weaving lines, laminating lines an coating lines.

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What Is Print Media Advertising?

20150811Print media advertising is a form of advertising that uses physically printed media, such as magazines and newspapers, to reach consumers, business customers and prospects. Advertisers also use digital media, such as banner ads, mobile advertising, and advertising in social media, to reach the same target audiences. The proliferation of digital media has led to a decline in advertising expenditure in traditional print media.


Advertisers can choose from a wide range of different types of newspapers, including local, regional or national titles published in daily, evening, weekly or Sunday editions. Newspapers target different readerships with a mix of content, often including sports, entertainment, business, fashion and politics in addition to local, national or world news. Advertisers can buy different sizes of advertising space, from small classified ads with text only, to display ads featuring text, photographs, illustrations and graphics in sizes up to a full page or even a double-page spread.


Magazines offer advertisers extensive choices of readership and frequency. Consumer magazines cover a wide range of interests, including sport, hobbies, fashion, health, current affairs and local topics. Many business and trade magazines provide coverage of specific industries, such as finance or electronics. Others cover cross-industry topics, such as communications or human resources, while still others focus on job-specific areas, such as publications for executives, marketing professionals or engineers. Publishing frequency is typically weekly, monthly or quarterly. As with newspapers, advertisers can take advertising spaces from classified ads to full page ads in black and white or color.

Billboards and Posters

Advertising on billboards and posters gives advertisers the opportunity to reach consumers on the move. Putting posters in retail malls, for example, helps advertisers reach consumers close to the point of purchase. Posters or billboards in train stations, airports or busy town centers have the potential to reach large groups of consumers. Advertisers can change the messages on billboards and posters at a frequency of their choice.

Direct Mail

Advertisers use direct mail to reach smaller target audiences or selected prospects. Direct mail often take the form of a letter, brochure or flyer sent via the postal service. Advertisers can episode free passes compile their own list of prospects and customers for the mailing, or rent a mailing list from a specialist firm.

Print Media Selection

Print media advertising offers advertisers the opportunity to target different readerships, with advertising costs based on circulation and nature of the readership. Advertisers and their agencies compare the costs of reaching their target audience using circulation figures and readership research from individual media or industry groups, such as the Association of Magazine Media or the National Newspaper Association.

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