Function Of Print Media

Media refers to the groups that communicate information and news to all people. Media have divided into three types that are included print media, broadcast media and internet. Print media is the oldest media such as newspaper, magazines, journals, and other printed material.

The printing media is responsible to reporting the latest and accurate news and information. Few type newspapers such as New Straight Times and The Star. After that, many types of magazine such as business, education, entertainment, travel, cate and fashion magazines.

For example, Galaxie is an entertainment magazine and SME & Entrepreneurship is a business magazine. They will have regular readers of print media. Broadcast media is the news is broadcast at radio and television. The main broadcast networks in Malaysia are RTM1, RTM2, RTM3, NTV7 and 8TV. Local news stations have large amount of audience because radio channel will report the local weather, traffic and events. Many people will listen to the radio channel especially during morning and evening.

Nowadays, the internet is the fastest transforming the news because every people know how to online and they will post the latest and updated news on the internet such as Facebook. Internet is a quickly way to transmission the news and information so internet will provide advantages toward various industries to promote their business. Besides that, weblogs also is a ways to transmitting the information through internet. Media is an important communication channel to disseminated education, business, news, entertainment, data and promotional message.

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