Business Industries of Print Media

Newspapers contain a few of sections such as business section. In the business section will have some article are written by the people are successful in business. They can share their experience and knowledge to all readers. Besides that, print media can help the boutique or shopping complex to promote their products and inform the news of discount the price of their products to readers.

Newspaper contains the job application section which will list the job specification and job description for job applicant. So the company can find the employees easily through newspaper. Magazines are a suitable option to promote the restaurant. For example, have some cate magazines that have shown to audience about the top ten cate in Ipoh. These will help the tourist easily to find the good restaurant and delicious foods at certain place. Readers will interest to the advertisement in magazine because of the better quality paper permits better colour reproduction. These will help the restaurant increase their amount of customer.

In additional, contain some business magazine such as Fortune and SME & Entrepreneurship magazine. This magazine will mainly analysis on matters affecting the SMEs and Fortune magazine will covering local and international business in news, financial news, technology, companies, global economics and more. Print media will help to convey the useful and update business information to readers.

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