12 Applications of Technical Textiles

Scope of Technical Textiles in Different Sector:

Technical textiles have brought significant changes in the modern technology. It contributes not only in textile sector but also medical, civil and others engineering sector. Thought technical textiles have attracted considerable attention but the uses of fiber, yarn, fabric for different applications other than clothing and furnishing is not a new phenomenon.

Branches and Application of Technical Textiles:

There are mainly twelve applications of technical textiles which are listed in the below:

  1. Transport Textiles,
  2. Medical and Hygiene Textiles,
  3. Industrial Products and Components,
  4. Agriculture, Horticulture and Fishing,
  5. Home Textiles,
  6. Clothing Components,
  7. Packaging and Containment,
  8. Construction – Building and Roofing,
  9. Geotextiles in Civil Engineering,
  10. Sport and Leisure,
  11. Protective and Safety Clothing or Textiles,
  12. Ecological Protection Textiles.

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